Why is Nicomenthyl 20 also defined a “sensorial modulator”?

Through the two moieties of its molecule (i.e. the niacinic vaso-active warming moiety and the menthyl cooling one), Nicomenthyl 20, duly dosed and solubilized in cosmetic finished products, exerts also a kind of “modulator” and synergistic effect over several other sensorial agents. These, when used in combination with Nicomenthyl 20, extend their efficacy in time with a less aggressive impact on the skin.
An example of this is the result obtained when Nicomenthyl 20 is used in combination with Menthol: the refreshing effect of Menthol becomes sort of softened, modulated and dramatically extended with less unpleasant side effects.
A similar modulating action occurs with the warming sensorial agents (i.e. those which activate the heat-sensitive thermo-receptors), such as Vanillyl butyl ether, Methyl nicotinate, Ginger essential oil, etc.: the menthyl moiety of Nicomenthyl 20 molecule produces a sort of “attenuated”, modulating effect, which results in a more gentle, pleasant and persistent warmth sensation.