NICOMENTHYL 20's efficacy against damages caused by BLUE LIGHT and WIFI radiations

NICOMENTHYL® 20 has shown to have a highly protective, repairing and detox effect not only against damages caused by UV rays, oxidative chemicals, urban particulates and cigarette smoke, but Blue Light and WiFi radiations as well.

Both these types of electromagnetic waves are produced by the common electronic devices, which people are particularly exposed to, sometimes much more intensively than usual, in the lockdown and/or smart working conditions induced by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The NICOMENTHYL® 20, already appreciated for its functions as a powerful activator of the cutaneous microcirculation and pleasant hot-cold sensorial agent, has also shown to have an effect HIGHLY PROTECTIVE, ANTIOXIDANT, ANTI-POLLUTION, DETOX, REPAIRING. Its exceptional high degree of penetration through the skin barrier and its high transdermal delivery of niacin (vitamin B3) make NICOMENTHYL 20 THE MOST POWERFUL AND SAFE SKIN DETOX AGENT so far known. Recent scientific studies have confirmed that NICOMENTHYL 20 is the ideal active ingredient for all those cosmetic applications aiming at SAFE, RAPID AND EFFECTIVE SKIN DETOX and ANTIPOLLUTION PROTECTION.

Menthyl Nicotinate and Sexual Response Stimulation

SKIN MICROCIRCULATION ACTIVATION AND SEX FLUSH. Menthyl nicotinate is a new, revolutionary substance that can be used as an active ingredient in sexual recreational products, thanks to its ability to penetrate through the skin barrier, optimize the interconnections between skin and nervous system and activate skin microcirculation significantly (cf. figure 4), without causing any annoying hyperemia or irritation. On the contrary, it produces a dual effect, i.e. modulated vasodilation and a pleasant hot-cold sensory effect in the area of application.


NICOMENTHYL 20 is the result of Dr Gabriele Segalla’s idea developed in 1992 under the name of Cryotermol. The idea in was to synthesize a new molecular complex capable of performing a bivalent or “contradictory” cosmetic action, i.e. the same action resulting from the simultaneous contact of a hot and cold body with the skin, so as to produce a sort of pulsing, toning, and normalising micro-massage to counter some common skin blemishes such as cellulitis, excessive loss of hair, tissue relaxation, etc.